Propeller No. 9, Fall 2011


Q&A's with Daniel Clowes, Mary Cappello, Bodies of Water, Vanessa Veselka, and Lisa Wells.Helyn Trickey on Sherman Alexie and Paul Simon. Fiction by Elizabeth Lopeman, poems from Ally Harris and Sara Nicholson. Also, "Reading the Longlist": reviews of each of the thirteen titles on the 2011 Man Booker Prize Longlist.







Propeller Quarterly: The Fall 2011 Issue

articles posted October through December 2011

Reading the Longlist

The 2011 Man Booker Nominees

The British take their lit awards seriously: Dissatisfaction with the Man Booker Prize has occasioned the The Guardian's "Not the Booker prize," as well as a new group of British authors and publishers who plan to start "The Literature Prize" next year, for the best novel written in English and published in the UK in a given year. "For many years this brief was fulfilled by the Booker (latterly the Man Booker) Prize. But as numerous statements by that prize's administrator and this year's judges illustrate, it now prioritises a notion of 'readability' over artistic achievement," this new award's board stated. We gathered a group writers to investigate this Anglophile angst by assigning them the thirteen titles on the Booker longlist. The results? See below.