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Mostly Novels
Haruki Murakami

The Playful Exploration of Powerlessness:
Murakami's 1Q84

By Emily Burns Morgan
Our own world is surely as strange as the one depicted in 1Q84, and though we would like to think we can change it, experience teaches us... more

Sallie Tisdale

Something Universal: Sallie Tisdale on Faith, Creativity, and Investigation

2013 RACC Artists Fellowship winner Sallie Tisdale chats with Rachel Greben about health, religion, and the writer's task of making the personal universal. more

The Conventionalist
Norman Rush

Pursuing What Was Meant: Norman Rush's Subtle Bodies

By Patrick McGinty
By mapping every twist and turn of a human mind approaching an opinion or decision, Rush forces you to wonder if someone else’s process is all that different from... more

Steve Almond

DIY In Your Pocket: Steve Almond on Self-Published Humor, Hate, Advice, & Sex

Alex Behr chats with Steve Almond about publishing, teaching, and his latest projects, Writs of Passion. more

Mostly Novels
NoViolet Bulawayo

Startling Us in a Way the News Cannot

By Emily Burns Morgan
"The question of placing her story within a larger context is an important one for Bulawayo. After all, a book like this raises questions about authorial responsibility. Does an author writing for an American audience about a foreign culture have an obligation to teach?" On We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo. more

Propeller Books
Tony Wolk

Launch Party: The Parable of You by Tony Wolk

You can find out more about the book at the Propeller Books site. Here, enjoy "Two Black Swans," a piece from the collection. The story originally ran in our Spring 2011 issue. more

The Conventionalist
Tim Winton

Prose Style for Unleashing a Howl

By Patrick McGinty
"Winton has clearly felt the need to elevate his own volume and pace amidst the radical changes wrought on Australia by the coal industry. For Winton, Eyrie is a chance to write as though both his country and his name are at stake." On Tim Winton's Eyrie. more

Mostly Novels
Mostly Novels

As the (Fiscal) World Turns: Money and the House of Mirth

By Emily Burns Morgan
"In so many ways, her writing is like a soap opera: the characters are rich and beautiful and have nothing to do but scheme against each other. Wharton takes great care to describe the opulent rooms, beautiful gowns, and..." more


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Letter From Oaxaca

Letter from Oaxaca Life in Ixtepec

Bueno, Good and Hello

By Sara Sutter
Thousands of people in search of work and better lives, and usually under the cover of darkness, chase La Bestia, ride its grooves, fall from it, wait for it, lose limbs falling from it, get raped riding it, kidnapped riding it, held hostage riding it, killed riding it... more


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