Propeller No. 11, Spring 2012


Guest Editor: Wendy Bourgeois. Donna Hathaway on perfume, Rachel Greben on MOMA's Cindy Sherman retrospective, Alex Behr on Alexander McQueen, Sandra Derrick on wearing black in Azerbaijan, Sarah Kruse on Sonia Delaunay, and Dan DeWeese on the Whitney Biennial. Poems from Whiting Award winner Kerri Webster. Fashion memories from Alexis Nelson, Daneen Bergland, Chelsea Bieker, Lisa Ekman, and Rachel Greben. Fashion advice from history's favorite courtesan, Lola Montez. A Q&A with Jordan Sullivan. Rothko, Part 2: Photographing the paintings up close.


Propeller | Spring 2012

Guest Editor: Wendy Bourgeois

Spring 2012: Fashion

Spring 2012 Reviews & Discussions

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