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The Flamethrowers

On Her Own Timeline

By Emily Burns Morgan
The Flamethrowers offers an implied critique, then, not only of patriarchy, but of New York and other cities like it, which stand as symbols for capitalism and the myth that the city is the best place for artists. For which artists, Kushner asks, is it beneficial? more

Saul Bellow

Herzog and Me

By Jonah Hall
"How do we let go of order in a world that demands organization, in a reality that demands reason and logic, in an environment that urges us to compete and to judge?" On finding time to read Saul Bellow. more

Nicholson Baker

Eddying Alone

By Evan P. Schneider
"Paul, who is quite lonely throughout 281 of this book's 287 pages, says, 'I want to forgive everyone. I want to do better with my life.'" On Nicholson Baker's Traveling Sprinkler. more

Clarice Lispector

Failure's Potential

By Sarah Kruse
The self-reflexivity of the novel is one of Lispector's strengths—her mastery lies not in the simplicity of the characters, but in the odd, at times awkward interjections of the narrator... more


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quiz Perception vs. Reality

Is Your Universe a Simulation?

A Propeller Quiz
The following quiz is not meant to be passed between universes. I have placed it on this website concerned with art and literature so that few people will find it. Quickly, before it is erased, read the questions, do the math, and discover the true nature of your reality... more


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