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Mostly Novels
Joan Didion

Words are All She Has

By Emily Burns Morgan
"Whether she's examining politics or Hollywood or New York or death, [Didion's] work is always ultimately about why people do the things they do..." more

Hannah Arendt

"I'm Obviously Quite Unpleasant"

By Jennifer Ruth
That she insists we all have a responsibility to make judgments goes against the very grain of the non-judgmental modernity we inhabit. Arendt, though, is desperate to...more

The Disaster Artist

Asking What Happened in The Room

By Doug Cornett
"The authors' tone exudes a curious combination of innocent wonder, wink-wink collusion, and shoulder-shrugging guilt. Sestero is our fly on the wall, faithfully..." more

Mostly Novels
Carson McCullers

Still Watching

By Emily Burns Morgan
"Perhaps McCullers is trying to say that this is a failure, that they must reach out to one another to achieve some change to the status quo. Or maybe she's..." more

Kevin Sampsell

Ambiguity, Guacamole, and Dirt

"One of the great powers that people who create have is that authority to say when something ends." Kevin Sampsell, author of This is Between Us, answers Doug Cornett's challenging demands. more


Proud Thug No More?

"As China demonstrates, capitalism can always divorce democracy and give us the worst of all worlds: staggering economic inequality with zero political freedoms or legal protections." Jennifer Ruth reviews Slavoj Zizek's Demanding the Impossible. more

Tim Winton

Crossed Paths, Missed Connections

Review by Alan Limnis
"If you have ever wished for a concordance of what European artists, writers, composers, and political figures were doing in the last historical moments before the continent descended into the chaos of the Great War, you have it: it is Florian Illies' 1913: The Year Before the Storm." more

Book Notes
Book Notes

On Titles from Karen Green, Ben Schott

Brief reviews of Karen Green's Bough Down and Ben Schott's Schottenfreude. more


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